John Henson receives personal apology from jewelry store owner

On Monday, Milwaukee Bucks forward John Henson took to Instagram to describe being a victim of racial profiling while attempting to patronize the Schwanke-Kasten jewelry store in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. 

According to Henson, the jewelry store owner apologized to him in person at the team’s practice facility

“He was sincere in his apology,” Henson said Tuesday after meeting with Dixon. “He knew that shouldn’t have happened. He’s had some prior incidents, but it still doesn’t make it right for them to do what they did. It’s a real issue, but right now I want to focus on the game tonight [vs. Minnesota], and there will be time to talk about it later. I am going to do some things to raise awareness of situations like that and go from there.”

While the personal apology may have been sincere and commendable, I wonder if Henson and the owner discussed how to prevent a situation like that from ever happening again at their store. The Bucks forward didn’t expect for his Instagram post to garner as much attention as it did, but hopefully he can continue to use this new platform to further the discussion about profiling and discrimination. 

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