Joey Porter Sr. Watches Son Run 40-Yard Dash At NFL Combine | His Reaction Couldn’t Be Any More Fatherly

NFL great Joey Porter and his wife Christy were at the NFL combine watching their son, Joey Porter Jr., a defensive back at Penn State, run his various events. NFL Network caught up to Porter just as his son was running his second 40-yard dash after recording an official time of 4.46 in his first run. 

What Did Joey Porter Sr. Think Of Son’s 40 Time At NFL Combine?

Reporter Stacey Dales dialed in for some live analysis from Porter, who says his son was a bit nervous on the first run and he definitely wasn’t thrilled by the time. “He knows he’s faster than that so…He come here to run, he ain’t got nothing to hide so I think he gon’ run better on the second one,” Porter said. 

Junior is probably used to honest criticism, considering how elite his dad was at the linebacker position. His father was relentless but good-hearted on the football field and he perfected his craft at the highest levels. Porter Sr. was a Super Bowl champion, played 13 years in the NFL and was a four-time Pro Bowl selection. So Porter Jr. has clearly gotten some tough love along the way. 

Joey Porter Jr. ran a 4.46 at the NFL Combine and ranks as the No. 3 cornerback in the 2023 draft class. (Photo: Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

That parental advice and living in reality has paid dividends, especially when Porter and his wife advised their son to defer his NFL dream for one more season and return to Penn State for his senior year.  

“He hadn’t graduated at that point in time,” Porter reasoned, “and he’s only played two good years of football from his redshirt year through his sophomore and junior year (21 games). So I just thought it would help him out if he played another year. Three years of football wasn’t really going to be that much on your body, and I thought he needed it. I thought it would put him in a better situation, and so far it’s coming true.”

Porter is well aware of his son’s attributes. 

“He’s a matchup problem He’s almost 6-3, long arms. He really plays bump and run, man coverage well.”

Porter also told Dales that his son needed to clean up a few things. 

Former NFL star Joey Porter Sr watched his son run 40 yard dash at NFL combine.
NFL great Joey Porter and his wife Christy were at the NFL combine watching their son Joey Porter Jr., a defensive back at Penn State. (Photo: NFL Network)

“I think he was a little handsy before. He wanted to sharpen his overall game, and anything he wasn’t doing at the time he just wanted to make it better. I just thought he’d be in a better situation if he stayed another year. 

NFL Draft Bible now ranks Junior as the No. 3 cornerback in this class, though Porter, reflecting his Dad’s confidence in his game, says, “I feel like I’m the best corner here.”

When reflecting on his decision to go back to school, JPJ told reporters at the combine, “Yeah, definitely hurt; definitely didn’t want to hear that from your parents. But I knew it was from good intentions, and they were right, because if I didn’t I don’t think I’d be in this position right now talking to you guys.”

The announcer proclaimed the moment as “NFL combine” history as they showed the double screen of Porter Jr.’s run and his dad’s intense look. Porter Jr. ran a slower time of 4.52 on his second run. Pops didn’t show any emotion, he just clapped, but he did offer a brief analysis. 

“Definitely not one of his best running, but he still has the pro day to make it better.”

Spoken like a true dad. 

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