Jim Tressel Is Teaching A Course About Coaching Principles. Wait For It …

Former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel is still banned by the NCAA from coaching as part of his five-year sentence in the "show-cause" sanction after turning the other cheek when a few of his Buckeyes players exchanged autographed memorabilia for tattoos. 

It's truly one of the most ratchet stories in sports that we know about, both on the players' and Tressel's end as well as the NCAA. The fact that such a thing would even hit the mainstream conversation and be treated as something serious is an embarrassment to everyone in the process. 

Either way, Tressel had to find a new hustle, which has come at his old stomping grounds on the University of Akron. The college hired Tressel as vice president of strategic engagement in 2012, and now they have him teaching a course titled "General Principles of Coaching." 

Yep, a guy who's not even allowed to coach right now because he lied (albeit behind a ridiculous story) is teaching a course on principles.

This would be like Eric Snowden teaching a course on how to keep a secret, or if Christopher Dorner was still alive to train incoming police officers. 

No, we're kidding. It's not even close to that serious, but you see the point. Either Akron is making a statement that Tressel didn't really do that much wrong and still value his coaching experience, or they were really running out of things for the "vice president of strategic engagement" to do.