Jermall Charlo Denies Being Robbed Of $150K At 40/40 Club

Jermall Charlos war of words with Daniel Miracle Man Jacobs and face-to-face, brief confrontation with the former WBA middleweight champ should have been enough drama for the night. He seemed to talk enough junk about Jacobs ducking him and tweak Jacobs enough to get the usually mild-mannered Brooklyn boxer to confirm that hed fight the undefeated Charlo. 

Daniel Jacobs on Twitter

Dont worry baby cub @FutureOfBoxing your time is coming!! Unlike your last opponent both my legs still work. And im ready for that childs play u say only lions ready for.

Jacobs wanted to make sure Jermall Charlo really doesnt think Jacobs is ducking him, so he confronted Charlo late Saturday night at Barclays Center, where Charlo was discussing fighting Jacobs with several reporters following Deontay Wilders knockout of Luis Ortiz. Jacobs was walking by, but stopped to interrupt the interview and asked Charlo what he meant when discussing Jacobs in an interview with that was posted Friday.

Jacobs responded to Charlos quotes in that interview with a Tweet he sent out Friday night. In it, the former WBA middleweight champ assured Charlo that he is more than willing to fight the undefeated middleweight contender from Houston.

Charlo and his identical twin brother, Jermell Charlo were both talking about Jacobs prior to him walking in on their interview and exchanging words with Jermall, who continued baiting Jacobs after the confrontation.  

Jermall Charlo on Twitter

Let’s cut the chase.. forget the fight with Centeno and The Poland Kid let’s Make this shit happen like good ole days.. @DanielJacobsTKO

Taking offense to Jacobs basically telling him to stay in his lane because his bank account isnt up to speed, Charlo kept going in and attacking Jacobs character after the exchange. 

Jermall Charlo on Twitter

Y’all sleep.. Stay Woke.. This nigga @DanielJacobsTKO brained washed. He with the political shit that I’m not into.

Problem is, you cant try to dump on a Brooklyn boxing star and then go to 40/40 club just over the bridge in Manhattan and floss like you own the city. 

It was reported that Charlo, 27, went to the Manhattan club with a group of friends after the Wilder knockout and the war of words with Jacobs and got involved in a fight at the club around 3am on Sunday, cops said. According to the Daily News, when Charlo returned to his seat, his bag and its contents — $40,000 in cash and $115,000 in jewelry — had vanished. 

Charlo Tweeted out that the reports are bogus. 

Jermall Charlo on Twitter


If so, then it’s a miracle because surveillance video from the club shows one of Charlo’s friends taking off his shirt before the fight and handing the bag to a woman, said 40/40 spokesman Didier Morais. Cops reviewed the footage and spotted five women, dressed for a night on the town, leave with the bag. 

For the cops to be involved, I would assume a police report was filled out. Something involving Charlo and friends definitely went down at 40/40 and he was implicated. It was confirmed by police and a 40/40 spokesperson. Its understandable why he would deny such allegations, especially after talking smack to a beloved son of the city just hours earlier.

What the heck was he carrying around all of those valuables anyway? Doesnt dude have a credit card or debit card or something? 

 The last thing a tough-talking pugilist like Charlo wants his Texas fans to think is that somebody  got the drop on him in Jacobs hometown. Hes denying it, but the information says he set himself up for a bad night from the jump. Next time, maybe hell be a bit more behaved when he comes to Brooklyn to disrespect a beloved son of the city.  

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