Jeremy Lin Gets An Offseason Assist From Jeremy Lin

A 16-year old from Hong Kong named Jeremy Lin will have his screenplay, Senior Project, made into a feature film, thanks to a pitch meeting he secured with Fabienne Wen. 

From HuffPo:

She loved his idea of a coming-of-age comedy that surrounds five high school students waiting 'til the last weekend of school to finish their senior project. It's a Breakfast Club-meets-Superbad comedy that looks at the struggles high school students face — friendships falling apart, sexual orientation, impending graduation and what's next for them. It's a storyline that we can all relate to, from Hong Kong to American high school students.

But how did he get the meeting? Lin has a theory.

Have you had any interesting experience simply because you share the same name as the famous American basketball player?

All the time! People never believe that it's actually my name, so like when I try to make a reservation at a restaurant, it takes another ten minutes for me to convince them that it's really my name. I also get tons of friend requests on Facebook from people who think I'm the basketball player.

What is the secret behind your success in getting your script picked up and turned into a Hollywood film?

When I sent Fabienne my script a couple of months ago, she opened my email immediately because she thought I was the basketball player! So thank you Jeremy Lin for helping me get her attention!

Without even trying, Linsanity scores another life-long fan. This guy has the magic touch.