Jeff Fisher is Fired by the Rams

After getting destroyed by the Falcons yesterday at home, 42-14, change had to be made within the LA Rams organization and it started at the top with head coach Jeff Fisher. Many were wondering how he received a contract extension before the start of the season, and how he survived this long after another underwhelming season this year.

Now those people don’t have to wonder anymore as Fisher was fired today.

Said Rams owner Stan Kroenke in a statement “Making a decision such as this – especially during the season – is one of the most difficult in sports. I have great respect for Jeff as a coach, person, father and friend.”He has worked tirelessly despite some challenging circumstances. However, this is the right time to make a change as our performance has not lived up to my or our fans’ expectations.”

Fisher had coached the team for five years and they never seemed to live up to the expectations placed on them every year. After expecting big things again this season by being in LA, the team has failed to win, again, and fans have stopped showing up as evidenced by the hundreds of empty seats in the stadium yesterday. Even star running back Todd Gurley took a shot at the team, saying the team’s offense was a “middle school offense.”

After the 165th loss of his career, Fisher is now tied with Dan Reeves for the most losses by any coach in NFL history.

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