Jay-Z Wants A Piece of Yasiel Puig-Mania

Now we know what Jay-Z was looking for during his controversial trip to Havana in April. Jigga was probably scouting the baseball talent in Cuba. Unfortunately, Yasiel Puig had already defected and was on the cusp of joining the L.A. Dodgers' major league roster.

Whether or not Puig plays in the All-Star game is moot this season. Puig’s agent is more concerned with whether his services will still be needed after this season. Puig won't listen to Luis Gonzalez, but he appears to be interested in what Roc Nation Sports had to say.

According to Yahoo Sports, Jay-Z may be making a move to sign Puig.

During a mid-June trip to New York, Puig was invited to a party at a club Jay-Z owns after a Dodgers teammate passed along the rapper's contact information, one source said. Between the lifestyle and marketing plan offered by Roc Nation Sports, Puig left the meeting intrigued.

While Puig has spoken with at least one more marketing agency in New York, the prospect of his joining Roc Nation as a client covering both baseball contracts and marketing remains a possibility, sources said.

Just one month after getting certified by Major League, Jay-Z is also pursuing Oakland A’s outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. It remains to be seen what Jay-Z would gain out of ths partnership. Currently, Puig doesn't have any major endorsements because he's so new to the scene and doesn't speak much English. Puig is represented by Jaime Torres, whose clientele consists of mostly Cuban defectors. Torres would also get the full commission on Puig's seven-year deal until it expires in 2019.  


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