Jason Kidd Retires After 19 Seasons

Nineteen years ago, Jason Kidd was drafted one slot ahead of Grant Hill as the second overall pick in the 1994 NBA Draft. At the end of the 94-95 season, both were named co-Rookies of the Year. Two days after Grant Hill announced his retirement live on TNT, Kidd followed him out the door. 

To put some perspetive on how long Kidd's been bouncing around the league, Glenn Robinson Jr.'s dad was the No. 1 overall pick in their draft. Juwan Howard is now the only active player remaining from the '94 draft, but even he's more of a quasi-player/assistant coach. It's probably best Kidd ended it this way. Mentally, he was sharper than ever, but physically, his body was beginning to fail him and it was getting more difficult for him to put the ball in the hoop.

"My time in professional basketball has been an incredible journey, but one that must come to an end after 19 years," Kidd said in a statement released by the Knicks. "As I reflect on my time with the four teams I represented in the NBA, I look back fondly at every season and thank each every one of my teammates and coaches that joined me on the court."

Kidd retires second all-time leader in assists, but where does he rank among the NBA's greatest point guards?

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