Jared Goff’s Audible Has Halle Berry And Twitter Asking Questions

Goff was just added to the list of hilarious audible calls.

Over the years we’ve heard some hilarious audibles in the NFL. From Peyton Mannings’ infamous “Omaha!” to Joe Flacco’s “Viagra!”, some unique play changes have been made at the line of scrimmage.

Ƒunhouse on Twitter

So, Joe Flacco’s “VIAGRA” audible means “Go long!”…. ? #RavensFlock https://t.co/iA8DBadVPs


Yesterday a new one was added to the list, and this time it involved a real person who actually chimed in when she read about it.

The Rams’ Jared Goff, while reading the defense in their game against the Seahawks, made an audible for the ages:

The Shadow League on Twitter

LISTEN ? Did Jared Goff really just audible with “Halle Berry” ? (via @MostlyFBShow ) https://t.co/C8JFvWeM6b

Yep, you heard that right. He called for a “Halle Berry” and guess what? Halle heard it too.

Halle Berry on Twitter

Hold up. @JaredGoff16 @RamsNFL – What is a “Halle Berry”?? ?? https://t.co/nQyaWHQRrn

As expected, Twitter had a field day with the call:

the stick dude on Twitter

@halleberry @RamsNFL @JaredGoff16 Must be a hot read. https://t.co/Jr3pqWgnYJ

Kurt Warner on Twitter

@halleberry @RamsNFL @JaredGoff16 Did it work??? That’s all that matters… you don’t want to have to throw out “Halle Berry”!

Goff was gassed up when he heard about it. “Wait, hold on, are you serious?” Goff said. “She heard it!”

But he answered Halle’s question with the quickness, showing his passes aren’t the only smooth things Goff throws around.

Jared Goff on Twitter

It’s my favorite play ever https://t.co/YLWi7c3DNE

For those wondering, the play actually came from head coach Sean McVay, who had a great reason for making it.

“She’s a very attractive woman that players know,” said McVay. “And it’s related to the play.”

In case you were wondering, the play ended up in an eight yard pass to tight end Tyler Higbee.

Now everyone will be checking out the Rams’ next game to see if the Halle Berry makes another appearance or if Goff will be shifting to someone like Lupita, Taraji or Sanaa.

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