James Dolan Puts Carmelo Anthony On The Wire

Knicks owner James Dolan appears to have taken a page out of former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner’s book.  According to reports from ESPN New York Dolan spied on Carmelo Anthony’s in game conversations during their game versus the Bulls on Friday.

Dolan had the recording devices set up at both ends of the court to ensure opponents (in this case the Bulls) weren't targeting Melo with goading trash-talk in the aftermath of his beef with Kevin Garnett.

Yet again we have another example of Dolan’s crazy showing. He seems to believe this move is protecting his star scorer, but it only keeps the conversation going. And, in a lot of ways, it makes it seem as though he doesn’t believe hs MVP candidate is capable of controlling himself and taking some trash talk.

Dolan has to realize this will only make people get on Melo even more. Well played, Jimmy.

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