James Dolan Calls Fan An “A-Hole” Outside Of MSG

The Shadow League doesn’t know James Dolan personally, but publicly he continues to exhibit the behavior of an obnoxious, out of touch, rich snob with no true connection to anyone outside of his exclusive circle.

The Knicks owner — who got into a messy public battle with franchise legend Charles Oakley this season — admitted to screaming at a Knicks season ticket holder outside of Madison Square Garden and calling him an asshole before Tuesday nights game against the Bulls, according to Deadspin.

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I did call him an asshole. Dolan said, because hes an asshole.

The conflict began when diehard Knicks fan Mike Hamersky peeped Dolan outside the Garden before the game and yelled at him to sell the team.

Instead of ignoring an obviously frustrated fan, Dolan, who was accompanied by Philadelphia Eagles manager Irving Azoff, walked towards Hamersky and started yelling.

What if I showed up at your office and called you an asshole? Because you are an asshole ! Dolan allegedly screamed at Hamersky after he told the owner hes a lawyer.

What if I told you, You suck at your job? Or. How do you like losing that case? Dolan admitted to asking the fan.

It was typical Dolan. An example of everything that is wrong with this world and the people who control the wealth. Most of them could care less about people.

Dolan, a notorious recovering alcoholic, then went on to attack Hamersky’s character in the same fashion that he did Charles Oakley when asked about the situation. 

“He had an open bottle of beer and smelled of alcohol, and I told him he wasnt going in, the owner told Deadspin.

“The guy was drunk” is obviously Dolan’s go-to line. 

Hamersky, who lives in Queens, denied the claim and says he came to the Garden after teaching a law class at Fordham university. He also says Garden security followed him around Manhattan for a moment until he met up with friends and was allowed entrance into the arena, although he says he expected to get thrown out at some point.

Why would anyone in the world come play with the Knicks as more and more of these stories surface concerning their owner and the miserable way he treats the players and fans who pay for his castle in the sky.

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