Jameis Winston’s Suspension Agreed To After Negotiation And No Appeal

Yesterday we learned that Jameis Winston’s three-game suspension would be upheld and enforced. Today we learned a little more about how it came about.

Per the statement issued by the NFL: “The league promptly initiated a comprehensive investigation that included interviews with several persons, including the driver, Winston and others with relevant information. The league also examined an extensive amount of other evidence, including telephone records, business records, data from electronic devices and other communications. Based on the investigation, the NFL found that Winston had violated the NFL Personal Conduct Policy, which allows for discipline to be imposed even when criminal charges are not presented.”

So the NFL was going to punish the Bucs’ QB, the only question was how hard.

After speaking with Winston, the League was told that he couldn’t “clearly remember the events” as he had been drinking, so he wasn’t going to admit to groping the driver.

Tom Pelissero on Twitter

Bucs QB Jameis Winston’s apology was part of the negotiated settlement on his 3-game suspension, sources say. He does not admit guilt to the conduct the NFL says violated the policy. But he acknowledges he was drinking that night and doesn’t remember everything. @TomPelissero https://t.co/Z7lRtZgmtC

At that point they entered a negotiation in which they handed him a three-game suspension with a promise not to appeal it. And while he wouldn’t have to admit guilt, he would have to admit that he was drinking. Although the investigation concluded that he had inappropriately touched the Uber driver, which could have led to a six-game suspension under the NFL’s sexual assault policy for first-time offenders, the final judgment handed down was three games. 

In addition, according to Pro Football Talk, no word on whether the NFL will be releasing the letter that they sent to Winston detailing everything he was accused of and punished for.

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