Jameis And Cam Showed Guts And Growth On Thursday Night

Cam Newton and Jameis Winston both needed solid performances on Thursday night to change a growing narrative that both of these guys were on the other side of promising careers. 

The Tampa Bay Bucs came out with a much needed 20-14 win over the Carolina Panthers, but both QBs gave their fans some optimism for the season. 

Winston’s been a pick machine the past few seasons and threw three of those chicken wings in Week 1, but last night led the offense intelligently and had a TD and 0 picks.

The franchise’s all-time leading passer managed the game better and avoided costly errors. He also got Tampa Bay its first win of the 2019 season over a formidable opponent.

Winston has been taking a lot of heat in the media because he hasn’t developed into Donovan McNabb yet.

However, the 25-year-old QB got the job done on Thursday and showed everyone how effective he and Tampa can be when Winston protects the ball. 

As far as Cam is concerned, his performance wasn’t classic, but he did complete 25-of-31 passes for 333 yards (can’t remember the last time Cam threw for 300 yards). And his postgame presser was vintage Cam. 

As usual, he had his merry band of half-ass receivers, with the exception of Brooklyn-born Curtis Samuels and Christian McCaffrey out the backfield. As usual, Carolina had trouble punching the ball in the end zone deep in Tampa Bay territory with the game dwindling away and a chance to steal a win. Cam couldn’t complete clutch passes down the stretch and McCaffrey came up just short of the first down on 4th down inside the Red Zone. 

And let’s not forget, Cam did all of this coming off surgery. The way the Panthers have handled their franchise player over the years is almost despicable. He’s been bruised and battered and rarely had any All-Pro weapons at the skills position. Steve Smith has been retired since 2016 and he’s the best receiver Cam has ever had. 

Last night Cam was asked to throw 51 times on a healing wing and he almost gutted them to a victory — which is something that he always does despite the criticism and physical ailments that obviously affect him. 

Being 0-2 is not a position that Cam and Carolina want to be in, but there’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel and both Cam and Jameis will live to battle another day and work towards changing the current narratives and regaining the trust of the fans and NFL community.

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