J.J. Watt Is Jonesin’ To Line Up On Offense

J.J. Watt isn't content just being one of top ballers in all of the NFL. Watt's tired of Cardinals defensive back Patrick Peterson soaking up all the attention for his two-way abilities. Watt, a former tight end at Central Michigan has a few attributes of his own that Peterson doesn't. He's got some of the largest hands in the NFL. In combination with his height and anticipation ability, it makes him a threat to knock down passes at the line of scrimmage like no defender in league history has ever done.

Probably because of Peterson's inspiration, Watt is under the impression that he could make an impact with his hands on the offensive end as well. After Watt lined up at tightend for a play during the Pro Bowl, Kubiak wasn't happy about his Defensive Player of the Year, being put at risk yet it did inspire him to discuss a goal line package for his star defensive end. However, talk is cheap. Watt want to participate in the offensive action.


He said his desire to play offense isn't new and so far his conversations with coach Gary Kubiak have taken on a joking manner, but he isn't giving up hope.

"I've been lobbying since Day 1. It hasn't worked yet, so I don't think it's going to work anytime soon but it's his team," he said.

"It's just about being an athlete. I have fun, catching balls is fun, just doing whatever you can to be an athlete, working on hand-eye coordination, and the little things. It never hurts to be able to catch a football," he said.

At last season's Pro Bowl, Watt lined up for a play at wide receiver for a play, to Kubiak's dismay.

"No, I didn't like that personally. When I saw he was going to line up out there, that scared me a little bit," the coach said. "We'll let him keep getting after the quarterback and maybe we'll find him a play or two of offense down the road."