‘I’ve Got Freaks That Want To Buy My Bathwater’ | Aussie Boxer Ebanie Bridges Is Making A Bag With OnlyFans Off ‘Pathetic’ Customers

Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges is currently the women’s IBF bantamweight champion. She prides herself on being a disciplined but power punching champion.

Sporting a record of 9-1 with four knockouts following her March 2022 win over then-champion Maria Cecilia Roman, Bridges set herself up to get the bag in the ring as the titleholder, but she isn’t limiting her money-making ways to just the squared circle. 

Who Is Ebanie Bridges?

Prior to her last fight, a December 2022 TKO win over Shannon O’Connell, Bridges announced that she was offering an online premium content subscription service. 

In other words, she was joining OnlyFans. 

At the time of her announcement, Bridges told reporters that she expected to be looked at differently, but she was prepared for the backlash. Bridges was the first to do weigh-ins in lingerie, and she admitted to catching some flak for that. 

“I expect similar controversy with this, but I thrive off being a pioneer in the sport and hope to inspire many other women to be able to act freely without concern over how they’ll be judged.”

“As well as releasing exclusive never-seen-before content including; professional lingerie photoshoots, behind-the-scenes training footage and exclusive home content.”

That was in December, and since then Bridges said she’s making plenty of money and men are willing to give it to her pretty much for nothing. 

Bridges Tells The Daily Telegraph It’s An Easy Bag

During a recent interview session with The Daily Telegraph, Bridges talked about how easy it is for her to get men to give her their hard-earned cash. 

“I’ve got freaks that want to buy my dirty socks and buy my bath water. I rinse them for it, I’ll take your money,” Bridges said. “I don’t have time for it, but I did put my bath water in a jar I could sell it.”

“Some of these payout guys, these fandom guys, I can get two grand in half an hour from them. I’ve had people just want to pay my bills. They’re honored to give me their money, they feel privileged to give me their loser money.”

“That’s what they say, ‘I feel so privileged to give you my pathetic, weak, loser money.’ I have a  few of them.”

Bridges has been inactive since that December TKO win but says she plans to step back into the ring this summer. 

Bridges Isn’t Only Female Athlete Using OnlyFans

In March, former Australian race car driver Renee Gracie announced she was returning to the track. This after quitting the sport in 2019, citing lack of passion. 

She then reappeared on OnlyFans, where she claimed she rakes in as as much as $100K per month. 

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