“It’s Kind Of A B***h Move”: LaVar Arrington Rips RGIII For Washington Football Team Tell-All Book

Former Washington Football Team great LaVar Arrington is not feeling Robert Griffin III, who was once controversially called a “cornball brother” by former ESPN analyst Rob Parker.

It was announced that the former WFT quarterback would be releasing a franchise expose next year. Arrington felt like the timing was fishy.

LaVar’s Not Feeling RGIII

“My career in Washington was spoiled, ruined, and trashed, and I always still continued to speak the truth about what I experienced and what I saw,” Arrington said as a co-host on Fox Sports Radio’s “2 Pros and a Cup of Joe” radio show alongside Brady Quinn and Jonas Knox.

“The amount of hate and the amount of anger that came my way for saying it, it was not safe to say things like what I was saying even though it was the truth back then.

“So, RGIII, with all due respect, it’s kind of a b*tch move to say you’re going to do a tell-all now. Why didn’t you do your tell-all three or four years ago?”

Is RGII Wrong?

RGIII played college football at Baylor, where he won the Heisman Trophy. He was selected second overall by the Washington Redskins in the 2012 NFL draft.

The Washington Football Team’s Sexual Harassment Investigation Now An NFL Case

“Because you were scared of backlash that you would receive saying what you believed your truth was in a time where you didn’t have all of the stuff that has come out with the cheerleaders, and the emails, and all this stuff that makes it safe for you to be a front-runner of justice.

“I hate when dudes do b***h moves to be heroes and heroic, and you do it in the comfort of knowing people already know what’s going on. Stand up and be a man, do that ‘s’ before now.”

Faded Glory

Griffin had a successful rookie season.

He set records for a first-year quarterback’s highest passer rating and touchdown-interception ratio. This led to the WFT’s first division title since 1999.

He received Offensive Rookie of the Year and Pro Bowl honors but could not repeat his success following a severe knee injury he suffered during the playoffs.

“I’m Going To Open Your Eyes To The Sexual Harassment’|Former NFL Quarterback Robert Griffin III To Release Tell-All Memoir About Tumultuous Tenure In Washington

Plagued by further injuries and inconsistent performances, Griffin lost his starting position in 2015 to Kirk Cousins. The WFT released him following the season.

Two Faces Of A Franchise

Arrington was drafted the second overall pick in the 2000 NFL draft. He played for the Redskins from 2000 to 2005, becoming one of the franchise’s faces. Arrington was a three-time Pro Bowl player with the WFT and celebrated as one of the best linebackers in the league.

Arrington and RGIII never played together.

The WFT has been embroiled in scandal after scandal over the past few years. The team is considered toxic, from its controversial former name to sexual misconduct workplace claims and the email scandal that rocked the front office.

Griffin’s upcoming book is deemed yet another possible nail in the coffin to the team’s decomposing legacy.

LaVar’s Rant

“Someone like me said this for years; go back into the annals in the history of me saying this is a dysfunctional place, this is an evil dude [Dan Snyder], this dude does what he wants to do, and how he wants to do it. I was basically ran out of that city just for trying to stand up for myself.

“I was the face of an organization, the face of a city, I was deeply entrenched in that city, and did so many things outside of the scope of what happened in between the lines of the football field, and then for some strange reason now I’m being attacked, and being called this and that, ‘he’s washed’, ‘he’s overrated’, ‘he’s dumb as a brick’, and I still stood on my truth all of them years.

“Then you get a dude like this that waits. You’re going to ‘WAIT’? It’s a sissy move. That’s our America and that’s our reality today. Our America is full of a bunch of sissified dudes that think they can just run with stuff and be heroes based off of being a sissy. You’ll never be a hero to me.”

Griffin last played in the NFL in 2020, starting one game for the Ravens last season. He is now a college football color commentator with ESPN.

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