Italian Tennis Star Turned Lingerie Model On The Run: Accused Of Stealing 100K In Furniture, Owes Six Months Back Rent, Tax Fraud, COVID Vaccine Scheme

You never know what someone is going through. Italian tennis star Camila Giorgi was on her way to becoming a world-renowned player before her life started down this winding road of bizarre twists and ill-informed choices. 

It’s a rabbit hole that probably goes deeper than we know, and it’s safe to say money is at the root.

Tennis Star Camila Giorgi Quits WTA To Become Lingerie Model

As often happens for female athletes considered attractive, Giorgi’s celebrity and appreciation for her beauty grew faster than her tennis skills. She appeared to be on her way to tennis superstardom after reaching the quarterfinals of Wimbledon in 2018 and ascending to as high as 26th in the world rankings. 

Then strangely, she reportedly abruptly and unexpectedly retired from tennis to become a lingerie model to the pleasure of many of her 740,000 IG followers, many who are male. 

If the tennis world thought it was weird that Giorgi retired out of the blue, it got even more interesting when WTA officials tried to contact her upon hearing about the retirement and they say they were unable to reach Giorgi or her family as all numbers were disconnected for her parents and siblings.

Camila Giorgi, Dad and Brothers Investigated For Tax Fraud

Adding another layer of intrigue to this entire situation is that another report surfaced that Camila Giorgi, her father, her mother, and her brothers were under investigation by the Florence Prosecutor’s Office for “several ‘gaps’ regarding tax returns, which have never been submitted.”

We aren’t done yet. The former tennis star and lingerie model is also due to appear before the investigating magistrate of Vicenza on July 16 for a preliminary hearing in a case involving her relationship with a doctor who allegedly administered numerous fake COVID vaccines.

After her first absence from tennis, Giorgi eventually surfaced via a statement saying, “there have been many inaccurate rumors about my future plans, so I hope to provide more information about the interesting opportunities I will have in the future.”

Considering all of these legal and financial dilemmas that she faces; it’s easy to believe Italian authorities, who have released a statement saying they believe Giorgi was on the run and had fled Europe and moved to the United States.

Has Italian Tennis Star Camila Giorgi Left Italy With Stolen Property, On Run From Authorities?

In light of the latest developments, Giorgi’s statement now looks like a desperate attempt to throw people off her scent. 

Another wild report by Corriere Della Sera claims Giorgi fled Italy and whatever problems were there, with around “100 thousand euros” worth of property from the villa she was renting in Calenzano, including Persian rugs, fine furniture, and an antique half-ton table.

Neighbors noticed a few months back that vans were being loaded up with property and informed the villa owner. When he arrived “there was no one left and the house was half empty.”

“In the garden, however, there were other pieces of furniture and carpets piled on top of each other,” he reportedly said. “They had probably already filled the trucks and didn’t know where to put them anymore.”

So, she basically robbed the villa owner of his stuff and also reportedly left him with a bill of back rent spanning six months. 

Giorgi Earned $6.4 Million During Her Tennis Career

The owner of the villa says he contacted Camilla Giorgi’s father to retrieve the items, but Sergio  “responded in a contemptuous way, saying that they were objects of little value.”

The villa owner feels different.

“Those objects are part of my mother’s life and mine: I want them back, at least this much, given that we have lost out on thousands and thousands of euros in back rent.”

A native of Macerata, Giorgi is a four-time winner on the WTA Tour known for her aggressive style and powerful flat groundstrokes. She earned her first major championship at the 2021 National Bank Open in Montréal, defeating former world number one Karolina Plisková in the final. After winning her first ITF title in 2009, she made her Grand Slam and main draw debut at the 2011 Wimbledon Championships.

Giorgi quietly retired in early May when her name surfaced on the International Tennis Integrity Agency’s (ITIA) retired players list. At the time, she was down to No. 116 in the WTA rankings. 

Where Is Camila Giorgi?

Her last Instagram post is dated March 18. There’s a mixture of support and also people mocking her situation with the Italian tax services.

This story has many possibilities. It can be one of white privilege gone wrong. Maybe Giorgi is dealing with the same mental health challenges that forced tennis star Naomi Osaka out the game for a minute. It could just be money mismanagement that caught up to her and her family.

She’s still young at 32, but it’s possible that her tennis career wasn’t producing money fast enough and her family seems to have several legal battles they are waging over finances. 

It’s kind of sad to see such a rising star hit one troublesome situation after another to the point where she seems to be fleeing prosecution and her financial obligations. 

Stay tuned. 

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