Issam Asinga Is The Youngest Sprinter To Break 10 Secs In 100 Meters But He May Be Youngest To Get Suspended For PEDs

There is an adage: take the good with the bad, and although that phrase is a bittersweet reminder of the irony of life, for one sprinter, the statement was never more accurate. Issam Asinga, the young Surinamese track star who became the youngest man to break 10 seconds in the 100 meters last month, is suspended in a doping case.

He might be the youngest caught using a performance-enhancing drug.

The provisional suspension for the 18-year-old was for the use or presence of GW1516. This experimental drug can modify the body’s metabolism and has been considered too dangerous for human use. Asinga is adamant about his innocence and drafted a lengthy explanation post on his social media.

Other Side Of The Story

“As you may have read, the AIU has charged me and provisionally suspended me for an alleged anti-doping violation related to a urine sample I provided out of competition at my home on July 18th,” Asinga posted. “During the high school season, I agreed to be a part of the registered testing pool, as I recognized I was having a historic season. I have been tested before, and after this alleged offense.

“On June 10th I ran 10.002 wind legal, and a wind aided 9.82. The AIU tested me at home the next day, and that result was negative. I then competed at a World Athletics Gold Level meet 2 weeks later in New York (June 24). The sample in question is July 18th. I was tested a week later at the South American Championships (July 28th) where I set a World U20 Record. With the AIU’s assistance, the Rio laoratory in Brazil expedited an analysis of my sample which also came back negative last night (August 10th).”

Asinga then explains the amount of the banned substance found in his sample, inferring that the alleged violation is the equivalent of grains of salt.

“To clarify, the alleged amount found in my urine sample, is 0.2 nanograms per ml (0.0000002mg/ml). For context, a single grain of salt is approximately 58,500 nanograms (0.0585mg). All my supplements are NSF and BSCG batch tested for WADA banned substances.

“I respect the AIU’s processes, and I will continue to comply as we work to find out what has happened. My team and I are aware that the next generation of track stars is looking up to me, and I would never intentionally let them down. The AIU has agreed to test my B sample, before the World Championships next week. Until then, I will remian steadfast and wait.”

Asinga turned 18 last December and is tied for fourth-fastest in the world this year.

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