Is There a Southland Movie in the Works?

For five years the TNT drama Southland was the favorite of millions of Americans.  The cop drama was a creative tapestry interwoven with complex characters, harrowing circumstances, exhilarating action and great writing.  Apparently there was a problem that I could not perceive as the show was cancelled prior to what would have been its sixth season in 2013.  But fans were still left wanting more because the protagonist was last seen bleeding profusely on the ground as the credits rolled.  What is a fan to do? Well, he or she can demand some sort of closure.  How can we get closure without bringing the show back?

A Southland movie would help and those whispers are starting to become louder. Rumors of a Southland movie are nothing new.  Entertainment Weekly reports that this rumor began a month after the show’s initial demise.   No word yet on whether there’s actually something brewing behind the scenes or this is just another rumor.  Our hope is for the latter.  Starring Regina King, Michael Cudlitz, Shaw Hatosy and Ben McKenzie, Southland is considered by some to have been the best cop drama of all time. 


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