If 2 Chainz Really Loves Dem Strippers He Should Help Fight The City of Atlanta

    Several strip club employees are suing the city of Atlanta for what they're calling unconstitutional fees. On the surface, it looks exactly like some kind of rules old school conservatives wrote while they were trying with all their might to ban fun that they didn't deem appropriate.

    From the AJC

    The lawsuit states that the city charges employees of adult entertainment clubs $375 for a one-year work permit and an annual renewal fee of $350.

    Those fees exceed what’s required under city code: a $50 application fee, $300 permit fee and $100 annual renewal fee, the lawsuit alleges.

    It also contends that workers at other establishments where alcohol is served are not subject to the work permit fee, fingerprinting and “subjective” background checks required of employees at adult entertainment clubs serving alcohol.

    If this is going to come down to a judge, there's no real way to tell how it's going to shake out, but these situations can all be improved by money. A small group of rappers from Atlanta would easily be able to keep this lawsuit going as well as provide character testimony. Trinidad Jame$, CyHi the Prynce, 2 Chainz, Gucci, Jeezy…time to find out how much y'all really love dem strippers.