Ice Cube To Start New League For Retired NBA Players 

Ice Cube is approaching his fourth decade as a taste maker of American culture. The West Coast legend and former NWA ghost writer started crushing flows and captivating crowds in the late ’80s.

To kick off 2017, Cube is not only dropping his new First Fight flick and still spitting flames here and there, the Death Certificate gangsta rapper-turned-Renaissance celebrity is organizing a basketball league called Big3 for retired players and coaches with Roger Masonformer NBA player and most recently the deputy executive director of the NBA Players Association. Mason thought so highly of Cube’s vision that he retired from his position to tackle this ground-breaking business venture and serve as league commissioner.  

BIG3 is expected to start touring on June 24 and run for 10 weeks, and theyre currently working on a TV rights deal, according to The Vertical. There will be eight teams of five players, and theyll tour between various cities playing three-on-three.

I thought of this concept as a fan who got sick of seeing his heroes retire and not play anymore, Ice Cube said.

Cube has nailed it with this one.

In the past, once a player retired, they become distant memories and sequences of highlight clips in the mind of most fans. The special players, however, stay in our hearts and minds for years to come and we try to embrace the new generation, but they just dont stir our basketball emotions like the heroes of yesteryear.

I started to look at three-on-three basketball and wondered, Why isnt this played on a pro level? Its the most normal form of basketball. And from there it was like, Yo, why dont we make this happen?’

How many times have we said, If I could just see A.I. cross a dude over and go baseline just one more time…  Or, Damn, T-Mac left the game too soon. Would love to see my dude get nasty with one more ‘gain.

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Youtube clips dont always satisfy fans who are dabbin down memory lane. If singers and rappers and dancers and comedians can continue to perform and satisfy the thirst of their fans well past their prime, then why not athletes. If the ’70s band KISS can keep touring and making millions of duckets singing songs from 40 years ago, then Im sure ballers like Jason White Chocolate Williams, Kenyon Martin, Stephen Jackson, Jermaine ONeal, and Rashard Lewis (committed players) will be able to pack some houses on tour.

All of these guys were legit stars not too long ago and have unique stories and journeys which led to premature retirements. They are classic examples of players that wed all love to see just one more time. Even the coaches will be a must see. The league also has Hall of Famers in the loop as Gary The Glove Payton will be a coach.

Ice Cube keeps taking his Sports-rap revolution to another level.  

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