‘I Always Check In ‘Cause I Know Real Ones Everywhere’ | Ex-NBA Player Stephen Jackson Talks About Navigating The Streets After Murder Of Rapper PnB Rock

NBA champion (2003) Stephen “Stak” Jackson posted a video on Instagram recently following the death of rapper PnB Rock. Stak was addressing the need to “check in” when moving around a city that’s not your home.

“I check in everywhere I go,” Jackson said in a social media post on Wednesday, SEPT. 14. “Everywhere I go I call somebody from the place I’m going that I know and check in. I wanna come home to my family and I love my life. I’m checking in with my people out of respect.”

PnB Rock was having a meal with his girlfriend at the famous Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles in Los Angeles on Monday, Sept. 12, when he was robbed and murdered. The rapper talked with DJ Akademiks about being a target before his death and that he was being followed.

“I be trying to be cool because you don’t want to be nervous,” PnB Rock said. “You want [your family ] to be as calm as possible.”

Authorities believe a video on social media of PnB at Roscoe’s is what allowed the assailant to target the victim.

“[The rapper and his girlfriend] were brutally attacked by an individual who came to the location after a social media posting of the artist and the woman accompanying him identified where they were eating,” said Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michael Moore.

Hip-hop artists and pro athletes are targets of the criminal underworld in cities across America. Traveling with jewelry and lots of cash without proper security or checking in with the locals is far from advised.

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