Houston Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins Will Donate NFL Playoff Check To Family Of Jazmine Barnes

“When I see Jazmine Barnes’ face, I see my own daughter.”

Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins will donate his playoff game check to help the family of murdered 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes.


Hopkins tweeted, “when I see Jazmine Barnes’ face, I see my own daughter.” The star’s earnings will go towards covering funeral costs and support efforts by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to find the killer.


Barnes, her three sisters, and mother, LaPorsha Washington, were driving when an unknown man pulled up alongside them and opened fire. Jazmine died in the backseat as a result of her wounds.

Police believe the family was targeted at random.

Authorities say the unidentified gunman is a bearded white male in his 40s, wearing a red sweatshirt, according to Ms. Washington’s 15-year-old daughter, who got a glimpse of the suspect.

Shomari Stone of NBC DC noted a fund that was created by social media activist Shaun King to help gather information to on the suspect. The reward for any info leading to his arrest has reached $100,000.


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