Hope Solo Bout to Go Up That Creek

Some people have bachelor parties the night before their wedding, but not Hope Solo’s fiancée, ex NFL-er Jerramy Stevens. The used-to-be tight end was arrested on charges of domestic assault the night before he was to marry Olympic goalie Hope Solo.

Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk had all the details on the arrest:

“A police report in the incident said Stevens and Solo had an altercation that started with a dispute over where they would live after they got married, but the day after Stevens was arrested, a judge ruled that there was no evidence to charge Stevens with a crime. (Solo, pictured exiting the courtroom, appeared in court during the brief hearing at which Stevens was released but did not speak.)

Stevens has a long criminal history stretching back to his days as a high school football star, with arrests for sexual assault, felony battery, failing a drug test while on probation and drunk driving among the charges.”

Hope what is wrong with you, homegirl? We know he is crazy and his crazy is out there for the whole world to see. But what is your excuse? What would possess Solo to run into the arms of an alleged sexual criminal who was arrested the night before she is to marry him?

Solo needs to get more friends, some confidence or Oprah. Something so she doesn’t end up divorced or to’up in six months.

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