Here Are The Top 3 Players Of Color To Watch In The NBA 2K League

With the NBA 2K League season approaching its first playoffs, the fight for available spots has intensified.

Players are breaking records as the MVP title race convo gets spicier and upsets are making the storylines juicier.

Not only is this the perfect time for casual viewers to jump in on the action but to also take a look at some of the best 2K players around the world. Here are The Shadow League’s Top 3 Players of Color list, breaking down why you should be paying attention to these three legends in the making.

1) Ethan White aka Radiant

19.6 PTS / 0.8 REB / 13.2 AST / 1.9 STL Per Game

76er GC’s Point Guard Radiant has a nice position in the MVP title race. Right now, he holds the No. 5 spot, following behind Blazer 5 Gaming’s OneWildWalnut and Mama I’m Dat Man, Wizards District Gaming’s Boo Painter and Heat Check Gaming’s Hotshot. In Week 10, his notable performance helped his team defeat Grizz Gaming in a triple overtime battle. Radiant added 30 points and a game-high 23 assists on the board, further showing his consistency throughout the season.

2) Artreyo Boyd aka DIMEZ

22.5 PTS / 1.7 REB / 11.4 AST / 2.4 STL Per Game

Mavs Gaming Point Guard DIMEZ has been heavily talked about, considering he is the league’s first No. 1 draft pick. Since then, his name has consistently been a part of the ongoing MVP race conversation. Unfortunately, due to the Celtics current standings, he can’t quite hit the No. 1 spot on the list. Despite that, he is set to be one of the leading stars in the league.

3) Mehyar Ahmed-Hassan aka AuthenticAfrican

25.8 PTS / 4.6 REB / 9.1 AST / 1.0 STL Per Game

Grizz Gaming’s Center AuthenticAfrican has had a lot of stellar performances recently. In Week 10 alone, he set the new NBA 2K League single-game scoring record with 84 points in his team’s defeat to the 76ers GC. Similar to DIMEZ, his team’s record makes it harder for him to move up the MVP race but the Canadian’s valiant effort in the triple overtime match and previous games makes him a noteworthy name.

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