HBO’s “State of Play” Trailer 

There’s so much more to sports than meets the eye. We see these player’s athletic talents showcased every time they hit the track, court or field, but we only selectively see what happens when they leave the game. 

Critically acclaimed director Peter Berg returns to HBO with his in-depth documentary series State of Play, examining sports culture for a three-part feature airing this week, beginning on Tuesday December 13th and running through Thursday December 15th, all episodes beginning at 8PM ET/PT.

Per the release:

In a time of conflict and unrest, is the reward of organized sport worth the risk? Amid the conflict and chaos of the Middle East, the Palestine national football team keeps playing. Should they take the field when the stakes off the field are as high as life and death? Or do these athletes provide an essential and peaceful glimmer of light to their community?

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