HBO Celebrates the Final Season of True Blood

HBO literally “painted the town red” in celebration of the final season of True Blood. The fabulous Saturday night bash at the swanky loft space, 404, glowed with red bulbs spotlighting rouge tones in an intimate space perfect for the vampire vibe. Hospitable HBO staff smiled sweetly as they set the deliciously bloody tone wearing temporary tattoos of vampire bite marks on their necks and wrists. Sexy bartenders, also the apparent victims of vampire attacks, poured from an elegant menu of powerful drinks with names inspired by the hit show. Cocktails titled “V” or the “Bon Temps” were the literal spirits that helped entrance the crowd of beautiful people into dancing all night to the DJ spinning classics to keep the crowd stepping to the name of True Blood love.

But HBO also helped those in attendance turn the night into a two-fold celebration by paying homage to the American Black Film Festival (ABFF). The 4-day event that kicked off in New York on Thursday, is a dynamic gathering and outlet for filmmakers of color to showcase their work, teach, motivate, and inspire. HBO, founding and premier sponsor of ABFF, invited a room of talented Hollywood executives, filmmakers, actors, writers, musicians, and tastemakers to fete the festival and the anticipated final season of one of the network's most diverse shows.

As food and drinks flowed all night, the DJ mixed, the crowd danced, and a few painted the True Blood mural hanging for everyone to make their mark. In the end, HBO again proved its undeniable reputation for having the best parties in town.

The final season of True Blood premieres Sunday, June 22, 9pm.

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