Grant Hill Eyes Post NBA Career

Grant Hill, who retired from the NBA last month, is already thinking about life after basketball. Hill is currently in talks to be the latest NBA great turned NBA Analyst, and some other hustles he would like you to know if you are interested.


 But I’m very excited about the next phase and some broadcasting things I’m looking at some things that we’re working on right now with some of the major networks, so that is something that can keep you in and around the game and around sports. I have a family office in Orlando, and we do a number of things – multi-family apartments, commercial real estate and we’ve been doing that for a while. Then I’m a partner in a fund; we have a mezzanine fund that invests in small businesses and raised a good amount of money. So there are some things in the business world, some things in sports. I look forward to being more active in the political process, fundraisers and things like that.

Hill would be a natural fit in any broadcasting studio. He has the experience that the other NBA greats have, but has always been one of the most intelligent and articulate athletes of his generation. Should be a seamless transition.