Grambling Football Team Decides Not To Play At Jackson State’s Homecoming

One look at Grambling State's weight room explains why the program that was once led by the winningest coach in college football history has won just a single game in 18 Saturdays. The deteoriating athletic facilities at Grambling State is reflective of the state of HBCU. Schools like FAMU, Savannah State, Bethune-Cookman and Delaware State accepted "money game" beat downs in Week 4 for a few six-figure paydays that made up most of their athletic department's annual revenues. However, as black and blue as the players from those four programs felt, nothing compares to the black eye Grambling State has sucked punched themselves with, beginning with the firing of head coach Doug Williams. After Williams circumvented the chain of command to fund a new weight room, the president and athletic director shelved the project and fired Williams a week later.

On Wednesday, the entire team made the decision to skip practice and the interim coach was fired and replaced with interim head coach George Winston. On Friday afternoon, the football made the decision not to travel to Jackson, Miss for Jackson State's homecoming game.

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