Good Morning: The Nuggets Are Flying High

The Nuggets won their ninth game in a row, beating the Suns by 15 and dropping oops at will in the process.



David “Double-Double” Lee – which is, apparently, who Mike D'Antoni wanted over Amar'e – and Steph “54” Curry lit up the Knicks on the West Coast, earning their biggest win of the season, 92-63.


The Jerry Sandusky scandal has already cost Penn State $41 million. They still owe three-fourths of the $60 million fine, and that doesn't include potential revenues lost in the future.


Notre Dame is officially jumping ship to the ACC after this season.


Michael Vick was forced to cancel his book tour after receiving “credible threats” to his own life, his family's and retailers.


The New York Jets have a “good offer” for Darrelle Revis and may move him this week. The Jets also signed QB David Garrard. So, good there, too.


Robert Kraft wants Wes Welker forever.


Brandon Knight officially went into hiding. Actually, he injured his ankle.


Kyrie Irving may miss the rest of the season with a shoulder injury.


Percy Harvin and the Seattle Seahawks have worked out a deal.


Dwight Howard expects a lot of boos when he returns to Orlando tonight.


Russell Westbrook anticipated a foul at mid-court and threw up a J.





Mike Zombie produced Drake's smash “Started From The Bottom” and took to his blog yesterday to release his own material.




Sean Kingston hits up Chris Brown and Wiz for his latest track, “Beat It” (Yup, Chris Brown is on a track titled “Beat It”). Sounds like Kingston's first attempt at a summer jam.



A string of high-profile celebrities were hacked and had their financial information leaked, including Beyonce, Jay-Z, Paris Hilton and Joe Biden.


BET kicked a cypher with Lil' Cease, Joey Bada$$, Uncle Murda and more, to honor the late Notorious BIG.



A$AP Ferg released “Diamond Dust,” the first track from his upcoming debut mixtape, Trap Lord.




Justin Timberlake performed “Pusher Love Girl” on Jimmy Fallon last night. You can stream his upcoming album, The 20/20 Experience, here.



Snoop went on Conan and performed/premiered “No Guns Allowed” from Reincarnated, due out April 23. His son was also offered a scholarship to Duke.


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Wyclef Jean went into beast mode on his latest, “Bugatti Interlude.”





The number of suicides among young women in Masar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan have increased so much they have overwhelmed the city's hospital and police forces.


Israel's Iron Dome has been hailed as a major success in keeping many Palestinian rockets at bay, but it's effectiveness may be 75% worse than what is being reported by the IDF.


President Obama is making strong, public efforts to meet with Republicans to ease necessary negotiations over the budget. Though widely assumed to be his first olive branch to the GOP, Obama has reached out before but faces a problem in American politics: Members of the GOP can't appear to be too cozy with Obama or risk losing an election. Yeah, it's gotten that bad. Five members of the GOP wouldn't even go watch a special screening of Lincoln in the White House.


The U.S. and China exchanged words about cyberhacking and cyberwar, with the Chinese saying no one can compete with America when it comes to hacking other countries.


We may be heading toward an antibiotic apocalypse.


Imagine a world where a scratch would strike terror into your soul. A place where giving birth is a life-and-death experience, where every sore throat and stomach upset is potentially lethal. A world where almost no surgeon will operate unless the only alternative is certain death, and where chemotherapy is too deadly to contemplate. This could be our awful future, according to Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Government’s chief medical officer. She has warned that the world faces an antibiotic apocalypse, a “ticking time bomb”, and a “catastrophic threat to the population” as medicine faces the prospect of losing probably the most powerful weapon in its armoury – the effective antibiotic.

The tragedy is that this is a disaster of our own making. Thanks to a combination of profligacy, wilful stupidity, the laziness of thousands of doctors, and the selfish persistence of millions of patients in demanding instant cures for minor illnesses that would go away on their own, simple bacterial infections could once again become the scourge of humanity.





A new study reveals what Facebook likes are telling people and marketers about us.


The study found that Facebook likes were linked to sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnicity, IQ, religion, politics and cigarette, drug, or alcohol use. The likes also mapped to relationship status, number of Facebook friends, as well as half a dozen different personality traits.

Some likes were more revealing than others. Researchers could correctly distinguish between users who identified themselves as black or white 95 percent of the time. That success rate dropped to a still impressive 88 percent when trying to guess whether a male user was homosexual, and to 85 percent when telling Democrats from Republicans. Identifying drug users was far trickier – researchers got that right only 65 percent of the time, a result scientists generally describe as poor. Predicting whether a user was respectively a child of divorce was even dicier. With a 60 percent success rate, researchers were doing just slightly better than random guesses.






Earl Sweatshirt released another track from his upcoming album, Doris, with a new video for “WHOA” with Tyler, the Creator.



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