Good Morning: The NFL Released It’s Schedule

The NFL released the full schedule for the 2013 season. Chip Kelly's Eagles open with three games in 11 days, including a Monday night opener against the Redskins. The Panthers have the toughest run right now, though that is basically an irrelevant statistic at the beginning of the season. Oh, and Rex Ryan made an ass of himself for good measure.


Mike Rice picked up nearly $500k from his settlement agreement with Rutgers.


Steve Williams thinks Tiger should have been DQ'd.


A fan caught two home runs balls during the Diamondbacks' win over the Yankees.


Doug Collins officially stepped down as coach of the 76ers but will help find his successor. 


Is Vinny Del Negro coaching for his job against the Memphis Grizzlies?


Kenneth Faried may miss the first game of the playoffs. Amar'e Stoudemire and Joakim Noah may miss the entire first round.


Kyrie Irving won't be doing his thing in the playoffs this year, but here's his top 10 plays from 2012/13.




Jay-Z has officially dumped his stock of the Brooklyn Nets. He was also named to Time's most influential people list, along with Beyonce, Frank Ocean and Miguel.


Kanye West will return from his Parisian hiatus to appear on Saturday Night Live in May. Chief Keef went out there to work on some music and brought his guns with him.


John Legend's new film production company just got a development deal from HBO for a series in Miami.


South Korea has banned Psy's latest video.


Black Hippy covers RESPECT magazine.


Jaden Smith talked about aliens with President Obama.


N.O.R.E. stops by Hot 97 to discuss his new album and working with Pharrell.


Go behind the scenes of A$AP Ferg's video shoot for "Work."


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Marco Polo puts out a tribute to Guru, who passed away three years ago today, featuring Talib and DJ Premier.




The Boston bombing suspects were on the run last night in Watertown, MA, and as police closed in, one suspect was killed in a firefight. The city of Boston was effectively shut down as police and FBI agents went on a manhunt for the two men, who fought back with gunfire and explosives. An MIT police officer was killed in the process, causing MIT and Harvard to cancel classes. One suspect is still on the loose.


A judge threw out Viacom's lawsuit against YouTube, who charged Google's subsidiary with knowingly disseminating illegal or pirated content.


The Senate unveiled their new immigration bill, in part to distance themselves from the gun control legislation 90% of the country wants but Congress did not provide.


Remember all the talk about bad loans that high risk banks kept giving out, that we definitely got rid of? They're back!


The House passed a controversial cyber-security bill that would allow authorities greater access to web data. It likely/hopefully won't pass through the Senate or President Obama, who has threatened to veto the bill.





Joe Berti is a marathon runner from Texas who was near both the Boston Marathon Bombing and the fertilizer plant explosion in Waco. He survived both incidents.





Kurupt has a new video from his upcoming May 1 mixtape, Money, Bitches & Power.


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