Good Morning: Phil Jackson Was Hired By The Pistons (To Find Them A New Coach)

Phil Jackson was hired by the Detroit Pistons to aid their coaching search. He doesn't have a formal role within the club, but will be advising them during the offseason.


David Lee was supposed to miss the playoffs with a torn muscle in his hip, but managed to play last night for the Warriors. Kosta Koufos hit his first three pointer as a professional during last night's playoff game. Mark Jackson was fined $25,000 for his "hitmen" comments, as the NBA feels he was trying to influence the refs. Oh, and the Warriors eliminated the Nuggets.


The Nets withstood a late run from the Chicago Bulls, and a Nate Robinson night to remember, to force Game 7 in Brooklyn. Yes, out of all the .gif's I could have chosen, this is what I went with. Thanks Gerald.


Mike Woodson was upset that the Knicks decided to wear funeral black before Game 5 against Boston.


LeBron James gave $1 million to his former high school for renovations to the gym.


Paul Allen, the richest owner in the NFL, had his identity stolen.


Matt Cassel, clearly joking, got reporters in a tizzy by saying he taught Tom Brady everything he knows.


Kevin Krigger is determined to win the Kentucky Derby.





Mac Miller's next album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, will be released on June 18th.


Hot 97's Summer Jam headliners: Wu-Tang, Miguel and Kendrick Lamar.


Tyler, the Creator responds to all the criticism surrounding his Mountain Dew ad.


Reese Witherspoon's arrest video was leaked by TMZ. Entertaining to say the least.




There are massive wildfires in California and reports state they haven't been contained at all.


The NRA is drawing huge numbers to their annual meeting in Houston.


Mexico is growing weary of American involvement in the drug war and is creating distance between the two countries when it comes to intelligence sharing. Mexicans say they are tired of all the killing surrounding the drug trade and that violence is not the answer. Legalizing marijuana might be, though.


Can you imagine living without the internet for a year? Here's what it's like.





The LATimes does some great reporting on the cultural perceptions of Jason Collins.

Sure, some of the players said, Collins is African American, just as they are, but he grew up in an affluent, mostly white culture that is more likely to accept homosexuality. It's hard for them to imagine a day when a young male athlete in the inner city would be able to acknowledge he's gay and be called a hero.





Get ready for the weekend with the latest from Busta and Pharrell.


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