Good Morning: Phil Jackson is Dropping Gems

Phil Jackson sat down with the Chicago Tribune to discuss his upcoming book about coaching, motivation and success, appropriately titled, Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success.


The Cavaliers are rumored to be interested in Otto Porter for the top overall pick. This is what you call trade bait.


Jayson Stark attempts to explain what is going on with the LA Dodgers.


Ray Allen missed a key free throw against the Indiana Pacers, and spent an extra hour on the line after practice to make up for it. Apparently, he ended his session after making 100 of 102.


The Atlanta Falcons are holding talks with DE Richard Seymour to pair with Osi Umenyiora.


LeBron James was a unanimous selection for the All-NBA team, while Kobe Bryant picked up his record-tying 11th nomination.


Miguel Cabrera already has 55 RBIs.


The Mariners sent down C Jesus Montero and plan to call up C Jesus Sucre, but they may need more than one Jesus on the roster to turn them into a winning squad.


Tyrann Mathieu's contract with the Arizona Cardinals calls for 10 drug tests per month. I hope this doesn't give my boss any ideas.


The Boston Celtics did not give the Brooklyn Nets permission to speak with coach Doc Rivers about their head coaching vacancy. Meanwhile, PJ Carlesimo says what we already know: The Nets aren't winning a title. 


RG3 is still aiming to be back for Washington's opening game.





Wale reveals the tracklist for The Gifted, due June 25.


Kendrick Lamar expresses his disapproval for molly.


Iamsu! drops a video with Juvenile, Problem and Kool John.



Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era release a video documenting their latest tour.


J. Cole discusses his collaboration with TLC for his upcoming album, Born Sinner.


Mr. MFN eXquire drops a quick video for "Fat Fool" while he rides around a rickshaw in Austin, TX.





The bid to end tax shelters has gone global as governments struggle with their economies.


The defense team in the Trayvon Martin case released information from his cell phone, containing messages that talk about guns, smoking pot, and getting kicked out of his house because he was suspended for cutting class. They are attempting to paint him as a "gangsta" but are only succeeding in painting him as a "normal American teenager." If those texts are a sign of guilt I hope no one sees all the Young Jeezy lyrics I used to text back in the hallway. Wake up, people.


Boy Scouts of America voted to lift the ban on gay youth members.


Three people were rescued from a river after a bridge in Washington collapsed. The pictures are wild.


With more underground and covert terror networks than ever, the CIA will begin to emphasize spying and information gathering as opposed to traditional methods.


President Obama will speak to Naval Academy graduates on Friday morning and is likely to bring up the issue of sexual assault within the military. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is expected to do the same at West Point on Saturday. 


The President will also tour the Jersey Shore with Chris Christie to take a look at the Sandy recovery efforts.





The President addressed several critiques of his foreign policy yesterday, speaking extensively about drone policy and Guantanamo Bay, as well as the new way he expects terror organizations to operate in the future. He defended the use of drones, saying they are effective at targeting the enemy and have prevented numerous attacks, but placed limitations on its use moving forward. He also reiterated his desire to close Guantanamo Bay, shifting blame on Congress for the lengthy stay of some of the detainees.




Tim Westwood served up some cold beats for Kanye West to freestyle over back in 2005, and the video footage finally hit the web today.

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