Good Morning: J.A. Happ Is In Stable Condition After Taking A Line Drive To The Head

J.A. Happ was drilled with a line-drive to the head against the Tampa Bay Rays, leaving several other players shaken up after the accident. Happ is now in stable condition.


Derek Fisher put on a vintage second quarter for the Oklahoma City Thunder, but it was Mike Conley's three in the fourth that gave the Grizzlies the 99-93 victory to tie the series. 


The Knicks went on a massive 30-2 run in the second half to close out Indiana and level the series.


Frank Robinson's historic home run out of Memorial Stadium was remembered and honored yesterday.


Phil Jackson has no interest in coaching the Brooklyn Nets.


Cam Newton says the success of other young quarterbacks is motivation for him to improve.


Sir Alex Ferguson, one of the greatest managers in English Premier League history, announced he will retire after 27 years in charge of Manchester United, amassing 38 major trophies during his tenure with the Red Devils, and 49 overall. Here is his career in numbers. Truly astonishing.


Tyson Gay is focusing on training smarter instead of training faster, and the results are already showing.


Oklahoma Sooners coach Bob Stoops calls the SEC dominance in college football "propaganda."


Former Detroit Lions WR Titus Young was arrested twice within 15 hours on Sunday, one charge of DUI and the other for burglary after he tried to steal his car back.


Here were the top plays from last night's NBA action.




T.I. and the rest of Hustle Gang released their highly-anticipated mixtape.


Lil' Kim is being sued by her former business manager, who says her antics cost them millions in business deals and endorsements. 


Ja Rule was released from prison.


Jeremih recruits Paul Wall and Big Sean to rap about old-school whips.


Common hops on Chris Brown's "Fine China."


A$AP Rocky stops by Hot 97 to talk groupies and Summer Jam.


Lil Wayne discusses his upcoming projects and hints at another Big Tymers album.


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Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford won a special election for an open House seat in South Carolina, despite his dramatic fall from grace (when he was supposed to be hiking the Appalachian trail and was instead in Argentina cheating on his wife). Still, better than voting in a Democrat, amiright?


A new study shows the US has the most sleep-deprived students in the world.


The number of sexual assaults in the military rose 30 percent over the last two years.


A new app claims it can read your mood based on your phone data.


New York City passed a plan to provide more paid sick days to workers, in efforts to make employees safer and more effective at work.


The suspect from the Aurora, CO movie theater shooting is now trying to change his plea to guilty by way of insanity, a move that could delay the trial for months.


More car bombs went off in Iraq.


House Republicans insist President Obama is covering up information about last year's attack in Libya.


A woman dressed like The Hulk was arrested for assault.


The $1 million reward for information on Chris Dorner was split three ways.


The CIA is vetting the torture report and they're stalling.


Dennis Rodman has some advice for North Korea.


Studies continue to show the health benefits of exercise, particularly for good heart health. New research shows the problem is likely to have increased due to the lack of physical activity at the workplace, as many jobs require little to no physical activity during they day, making out-of-office exercise more important.





The world was introduced to Charles Ramsay, known as the hero for saving Amanda Berry and her two children, yesterday. He instantly became an Internet trend after his TV interviews went viral — along the lines of several other black folks on TV. Why is that? Slate takes a look.




Havoc's album, 13, drops today and to celebrate, Mobb Deep put out a new track.

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