Good Morning: 2.5.12

LeBron James had a near-perfect game last night as the Heat beat the Bobcats, scoring 31 points on 13-14 shooting with 8 boards and 8 dimes. The last two players with percentages so high were Shaq and Dwight Howard. Slightly more impressive playing more than six feet away from the rim. Here are the full highlights:




If Joakim Noah can be removed from the bench for his outfit, why hasn't the NBA done anything about his hair?




Mike Beasley was pulled over for speeding and was cited for driving with a suspended license, excessive speeding, driving with expired registration and failure to display a license plate. Beasley also had a gun in the car, but police decided not to take him to jail because he was cooperating and because he wouldn't fit in the back of the cop car.


Former 49ers ripped Randy Moss after the Super Bowl. They're like angry parents after a drink or five.




Tyson Chandler grabbed 20 boards for the third consecutive game as the Knicks rolled over the Pistons. After the game, Carmelo Anthony hinted that teammate James White may enter the dunk contest.




Mark Teixeira gets real honest about his ability and his pay. He and Mariano Rivera also discussed Alex Rodriguez, saying they will support and welcome him back to the team after the latest round of steroid allegations.


Five-star LB Reuben Foster has re-committed back to Alabama after originally committing there during his sophomore season. He switched it up to Auburn, getting a tattoo to let everyone know, but opened his recruitment back up after coach Gene Chizik was fired.


Former Tennessee Vols head coach Derek Dooley will become the new wide receivers coach for the Dallas Cowboys.


The Kevin Garnett trade rumors are heating up but are unlikely to develop due to KG's no-trade clause. Garnett says he'll only waive his clause if Paul Pierce is also traded and will only go to LA.


Donald Fehr's name has been floated as a favorite to replace NBPA leader Billy Hunter, who was given an leave of absence last week. The players will meet during the All-Star break and more developments should follow.


As Oct. 15 memo from the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District says tests on the Superdome's electrical feeders showed decay and chance of failure.


Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak says Dwight Howard isn't going anywhere, and neither is Mike D'Antoni.


DeMarcus Cousins was ejected at halftime and the Kings fell to the Jazz in overtime.



Paul George, everybody.





Juelz Santana announced his 2013 plans.




He also joined Future for their “YSL Cheetah” video.




Pusha-T talks about his hair.





It's a dangerous world out there: Studies show that watching over 20 hours of TV per week could reduce sperm count. Yeah, I know that got your attention.



A memo on drone strikes provides the most in-depth look at the drone program currently in use by the United States. The drone policies have come under heavy scrutiny for killing civilians as well as keeping the program secretive for as long as possible.


The child in Alabama who was held captive for seven days has been rescued and his captor killed after FBI agents stormed the underground bunker where the two were hiding.


It doesn't appear that Paul Ryan knows what “austerity” means.


German cars are doing very well in the United States.


Check out this propaganda video from North Korea, showing a dream sequence of a man going to space, reuniting North and South Korea, and New York city engulfed in flames.






The New Yorker takes a look at how the Ancient Greeks would view the current obstacles in the gun control debate of the present, noting that the Greeks would be stunned that Americans carry weapons around as they believed weapons should not be a part of the public spaces.




When an email comes in with “The Delfonics” in the subject line, it goes straight to GM.






Om'Mas Keith worked on this project for months before putting everything on hold to work on Frank Ocean's Channel Orange. Take a listen. You'll be glad he took time to focus on each project.



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