Good Morning 2.1.13

The OKC Thunder crushed the new-look Memphis Grizzlies last night, 106-89. The Grizz were shorthanded on the night, and may have been trying to get over losing part of the core of their team while in the midst of a run. Or they were just playing the Thunder at home.


Here's Kevin Durant's night and Russell Westbrook freaking out in the middle of a game, rumored to be heated about Thabo Sefolosha's spacing on the court. Love the intensity, but damn.



In what seems to be the hot topic of the week, aside from PEDs and love children, Terrell Suggs says he'd welcome a gay teammate.


DeMaurice Smith used his Super Bowl presser to go on the offensive about player safety, lambasting the NFL for its policies. Smith also laid out amendments he wants made to the CBA that includes more safety and medical options for players.


JJ Watt pretended to propose to a young girl, who then cried, because she's not yet 25 and therefore too young to marry him.


The Atlanta Falcons don't want Tony Gonzalez to retire. No shi*t.


Arian Foster is considering heart surgery next month.


Dwyane Wade and CP3 were named captains for the NBA All-Star game.


The Phoenix Suns are interested in Josh Smith.


A little Shaqtin' a fool with two appearances from Big Baby.




Vince Carter faked an injury then threw down a dunk again the Warriors.





Yesterday, video was released of Mac Miller talking shi*t about Donald Trump and wishing his song didn't go to Trump's head (how naive…). Trump didn't like that, and threatened Miller with a lawsuit for illegally using his name.


Pusha-T hit up Hot 97.



Frank Ocean's Channel Orange is officially gold certified.


Beyonce's Super Bowl presser recap after the National Anthem.


Drake will release a new record at the Grammys.


Beyonce Day 2 rehearsal.





The NRA has supported background checks since Columbine in 1999, speaking out on the issue and taking out ads in newspapers to advocate their position. Have we gone backwards?


The NYTimes recently ran a landmark investigative series on the relationship between businesses and government, specifically tax breaks and incentives given to companies. The Columbia Journalism Review takes a look back at the project and criticisms levied against it.


Republicans hammered President Obama's nomination for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel.


A suicide bomber killed 19 people outside a Mosque in Pakistan.


President Obama's campaign ended up $5.8 million in debt, while the DNC ended up with a whopping $21.4 million in debt. The RNC ended 2012 debt-free.




The NYTimes takes an in-depth look, with perspective from many economists across the country, about the income vs. consumption disparity in the US. The discrepancy comes from a left vs. right argument about the “prosperity” of the poor and whether wide income disparity is bad for the economy.




A little over a week old but I'm still riding with it. Especially appropriate here at TSL right now. Let's work.



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