Good Morning: 11.23.12

The Redskins held off the Cowboys, prompting genuine RG3 for MVP discussions.


The Texans beat the Lions in OT, and Ndamukong Suh was involved in a crotch stomping.


Jim Schwartz was the unfortunate victim of the NFL's dumbest rule ever.


The Jets are getting really good at embarrassing themselves.


Hector “Macho” Camacho is brain dead, and his family now faces the decision to pull the plug.


Dennis Rodman is thirsty, and probably hungry, too.


Brandon Roy has been advised to retire again.


Countdown the ten biggest turkeys in sports of 2012.


Check out how much bread Ramon Dominguez is bringing in, a self-taught jockey from Venezuela.


Keep playing video games: the dream of actually managing a team isn't a dream to Jean-Pierre Papin.





The Game gave away turkeys in Compton yesterday



As did Cash Money in NOLA.



And Nicki in Queens.




But if you watch anything, check Spike Lee's documentary: Michael Jackson BAD 25.





A $4.2 million Christmas decoration.


A dead Palestinian, killed by Israelis who were attacked by stones, will test the ceasefire many were surprised held.


Black Friday is beginning earlier and earlier.


But if you go, here are 11 vinyl records to pick up.


The Senate, almost permanently stuck in gridlock, must find a way to reform the filibuster.


Buy American with Esquire.





It's fairly common knowledge that G. Dep is in prison for murder. What's not is the story behind his life, and how he turned himself in after years of guilt.





Be Thankful, y'all.

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