Good Morning: 11.13.12



LeBron scored 38 to take the Heat past the Rockets. Meanwhile, the Celtics won back-to-back road games to return to .500, with the second win coming against the Bulls.


Andrew Bynum is expected to be out for five more weeks.


The Steelers beat the Chiefs last night in overtime, but lost Ben Roethlisberger in the process.


Mike Wallace may have made the catch of the season during the game.


Have we seen the last of Mike Vick in Philly?


Phil Jackson reacts to Mike D'Antoni's hiring.


The Atlanta Falcons cut ties with their major offseason signing from a year ago, Ray Edwards.


Some overtime antics up in Toronto last night, as Utah took down the Raps in triple overtime.






Jay-Z and Coldplay are joining forces for the second time on New Years Eve in BK.


Chris Brown is changing his hair more often than his women.


Lena Dunham sits down with Esquire to discuss her expanding influence, which may already include a third season of Girls.


Louis C.K. will offer his HBO special online for $5, which is quickly becoming his go-to move.





The U.S. drug policy, specifically on marijuana, is a square peg trying to fit in a round hole, and Mexican President Felipe Calderon has urged the U.S. to reconsider policies. (Non-embeddable video included)


The affair between General Patraeus and Paula Broadwell has so many layers that may or may not be actual layers. Here's one: Did someone out this affair in January via Wikipedia?


Perhaps a more prevalent question to the entire affair: why did the FBI get involved after finding out the series of emails sent between Broadwell and another woman, Jill Kelley, had very little in them? What's really the “national security concern” here?


Presidents since Richard Nixon have been calling for American energy independence. Now, it not only may finally be happening, but the U.S. is poised to become the world's largest exporter of oil.


Occupy Wall Street has begun an effort to eliminate school and medical debt.


Find out where where American drones are striking in the Middle East via Instagram.


Democrats are taking an idea from Mitt Romney in an effort to reach across the aisle and fix the debt crisis.


Thousands of customers have sent a petitions to Macy's to have Donald Trump removed from their ad campaign.


How's the new Call of Duty? One in four gamers will fake sick because of it.




Fantastic interview, albeit very long, with Robert Greene, who discusses many theories, but specifically goes into detail about his new book, Mastery. Greene describes how people become historical masters in their field using Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquico as prime examples. Well worth it if you have time.





J. Cole released the first track from his upcoming album, Born Sinner, this one called “Miss America,” on the two-year anniversary of his Friday Night Lights mixtape. Petty thoughts.






Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy spit over a Cookin Soul beat with a hot James Brown sample on “Welcome”.


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