Good Morning: 10.30.12



The San Francisco 49ers crushed the Arizona Cardinals last night, 24-3.


Jim Harbaugh has a message for Alex Smith doubters, who was almost perfect on the night.


Marcus Lattimore injured his leg in gruesome fashion this weekend against Tennessee, but promises his fans he'll return to play again.


There isn't much doubt in my mind the Kobe Bryant will see the court tonight, but here's the latest news on his status, with other news around the NBA. Also, please read for Metta World Peace's offer as the most ironic quote ever.


The World Series drew the lowest ratings ever.


Amar'e may miss up to six weeks with his knee injury.


Snoop Lion's son is drawing attention from Jimbo Fisher and FSU.


Joe Girardi and A-Rod talked things out.


Bartolo Colon took a liner straight to the face in the Dominican League on Sunday.






RZA's director's chair is heatin' up. His directorial debut – The Man With The Iron Fists – comes out Friday, and he has two more projects coming up next, including the title of his next movie.


Skyfall premiered across the pond to the biggest Bond debut ever.


Everyone from Basketball Wives LA was fired.


Wu Block tracklist.


Kurupt spits a freestyle on Shade 45







Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East coast last night, causing severe damage as it made land. Sandy was so powerful – it actually combined with another storm before it hit land – it is officially called a Superstorm.


John McTernan, founder of Defend and Proclaim the Faith Ministries, blames the gays and President Obama for Superstorm Sandy in his long, rambling blog. Funny how conservatives can attack gays and legitimize rape, but Obama talks contraception in Catholic hospitals and he's starting a war on religion. Maybe he needs to.


Despite causing the Superstorm, President Obama has been spot-on dealing with the crisis so far. Will it earn him points in the elections?


Part of the damage was a crane dangling wildly in the wind on top of a luxury high-rise on NYC's W 57th st, which happened to be near Piers Morgan's office.




The storm also took the HMS Bounty, a ship used in several Hollywood productions.


The damage from the storm could cost $20 billion, if not more.


The first female Viagra may soon be available to the public in the form of a nasal spray. I gotta say, that just seems like it's asking for trouble.





As we watch Sandy unfold and pray for those effected, we must also look at the evidence continually ignored about global warming that causes this kind of extreme weather – particularly when some conservatives actively try to deny global warming and blame the weather on gays.





Meek Mille's debut album, Dreams and Nightmares, was released legally today. Here's a track from the album with Rozay.


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