Good Morning: 10.23.12


The San Francisco Giants put the St. Louis Cards down for good last night, winning 9-0 behind solid pitching and MVP Marco Scutaro.

The Chicago Bears beat the Detroit Lions last night, 13-7. Jay Cutler barely survived this hit from Ndamukong Suh.

Dwight Howard has never been drunk, and has had one shot of vodka in his life.

Very interesting quotes from a former rider about Lance Armstrong, his mentality and doping.

Last week, parents in Texas had serious concerns about their kids and concussions. Those fears are also in Massachusetts, particularly in one game where FIVE preadolescent kids received concussions.

Metta World Peace meets the Stanley Cup.




Halle Berry found out she's related to… Sarah Palin?

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel describe their “magical” wedding night in Italy.

What color is Rihanna's “nude”? We could ask Chris Brown.

Shoutout to Pippa Middleton for shouting out her own ass in her own book.

Kris Jenner vs. Kim Kardashian Instagram battle!

Lil' Wayne sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at the Giants game.




A 20-year old black woman was attacked and set on fire by three men who then wrote KKK on her car.

The final Presidential debate took place last night, focused around foreign policy. President Obama was the winner, though without the clarity of the first two debates – particularly as they agreed on so many topics. Still, Obama came away victorious after more pointed attacks, an established record, and more substance.

There were some key disagreements over facts last night. This should clear it up.

For the first time, we witnessed Twitter shape the Presidential debate. Cool, funny, but not a good thing.

I love Joe Biden. Yesterday, he turned a crying baby into an attack on Mitt Romney.

Khalid was right: bus prices are about to get more expensive.

Whales are learning to talk and they're already making fun of us.



Kendrick Lamar's highly-anticipated (Complex is so excited they dedicated the week to Ken) good kid, m.A.A.d city came out for legal purchase yesterday, earning comparison's to Nas' iconic debut, Illmatic. Here, King Kendrick talks about the comparison.




Rick Ross released a new video for his remix of “Don't Like”




What, you thought I was gonna leave off GKMC?



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