Good Morning: 10.11.12


If you needed a Yankee to hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth and a game winner in the twelfth, how far down would Raul Ibanez be on your list? He came through for New York last night after pinch-hitting for A-Rod in ninth, and eventually gave the Yankees a 2-1 series lead against the Orioles.

Speaking of A-Rod, he was fired by certified a-hole Donald Trump last night.



South Carolina's Jadaveon Clowney is having one hell of a season.

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency brought forth massive evidence against Lance Armstrong yesterday, painting him as the leader of one of the most sophisticated doping programs ever. His records and accomplishments are now irrelevant and reputation now gone.

Elsewhere in baseball, Tim Lincecum led the Giants over the Reds to tie the series at two a piece, while the A's had an amazing comeback in the ninth.

Clay Matthews may have started a trend with his criticism of the NFL. Yesterday, Scott Fujita also went in on the NFL and Roger Goodell on player safety.

Check out Kobe, quickly putting that retirement talk outta mind.




Nicki Minaj announced her new album “The Re-Up," will drop November 19th.

Will Chris Brown and Rihanna elope?

The brilliant Phillip Seymour Hoffman sits down with Esquire.

Justin Timberlake reveals plans for the new

There's a new extended trailer for Django Unchained.





The VP debate tonight could get personal between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, as Biden hopes to end President Obama's recent slide.

It'll be bad news for the Obama campaign if he can't, though.

The Taliban shot a 14-year old girl who was speaking up for women's rights and education. After discovering she may live, they stated they would find her and “certainly kill her”.

Mitt Romney has a Google problem. Do a quick image search for “completely wrong.”

Wells Fargo is being sued for fraud, becoming the second bailed-out bank to be sued this week. Watch your money, people.

Reddit users have been posting creepy photos of girls on /r/Creepshots. Someone is finally doing something about it.



Check out pictures of this insanely detailed 3-part pencil mural.



Kofi Annan, aka “The Peacemaker” talks toThe Economist about Syria, tyrants, and the UN Security Council.



Pusha T dropped a track to hype up his upcoming album. This one features Future, called “Pain.”



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