Good Morning: 10.04.12


Miguel Cabrera made history last night, becoming the first person to win the Triple Crown in 45 years.

Ben Nightengale calls the MVP race for Cabrera following the performance. And, really, as impressive as Mike Trout has been, if you break a 45-year old record, you're the MVP.

The Yankees edged out the Orioles for the AL East crown, beating the Pawtucket Red Sox – a team Bobby Valentine may actually be managing soon – 14-2.

Here's your guide to the 2012 MLB playoffs in slideshow form, what else?

Dwight Howard was all smiles for the LA Lakers while Houston's Royce White is having issues with anxiety and wants to ride a bus to camp rather than fly down.

The NBA details new penalties for flopping. They're tough.

Be honest, you're gonna miss some of these: (Top 10 NBA flops)



“The Paperboy” is a movie set in the 1970's, and is partly about race relations at the time. The director, Lee Daniels, wanted the star, Nicole Kidman, to call one of her co-stars the n-word. She refused.

Ricky Rozay is back at it, with another mixtape dropping next Monday, Oct. 8. Check the cover.

It looks like Breezy and RiRi are really an item, this time seen at Hov's latest concert at the Barclays Center.

Youtube has created a series, with episodes debuting on Wednesday's at midnight, about a futuristic apocalypse created due to the increasing fusion of humans and robots. The first episode is under 7 mins and will get you hooked. Given their power in the digital video world, this could well be the future of television programming.

BET let go a couple of the Cypher's from the BET awards, premiering Oct. 9.



Mitt Romney came out firing on all cylinders last night, hammering President Obama on the economy. It was a strong performance from Romney, particularly since no one expected much out of the candidate.

Obama was called rusty following the debate in which he was on his heels for the majority.

It was a fairly clean debate – at least as far as gaffes, because both candidates were put through their paces by the fact checkers – though the internet had a blast with Mitt Romney's Big Bird reference.

The BBC breaks down the key moments as perceived from abroad.

One debate doesn't change much, as Obama looks to have an advantage in foreign policy and figures to have a better performance in the town hall meeting. Remember, John Kerry also won a debate.

The Chicago police found $10 million worth of weed on the South Side. It took up over two football fields worth of space. How did that happen? People really don't venture to the South Side at all, huh?



Torae has been putting out #DailyBread. Solid.