Golden State’s D’Angelo Russell Is Cool With Being Expendable

A career season in 2018-19 didn’t guarantee D’Lo anything and he’s good with that.

D’Angelo Russell has been on the low since he was part of a sign-and-trade to Golden State as part of the deal that allowed KD and Kyrie to join forces in Brooklyn this summer. Despite averaging 21.1 points per game last season, most NBA insiders are of the opinion that Russell will be traded again, sooner rather than later. 

He’s pretty much an expendable All-Star at this point, but all of that could change if he remains with Golden State and thrives in a new system. With Klay Thompson certain to miss a substantial part of the season rehabbing a torn ACL suffered in the NBA Finals, Steph Curry will need another All-Star guard to help him do some Splashing with KD gone as well. 

Russell doesn’t seem too heartbroken over his Brooklyn exit.

D’Lo carried the Nets last season and blossomed into an All-Star leading them to the playoffs. At the tender age of 22, there are some folks who believe that the Nets gave up on Russell too soon.

He seems to understand that he’s just a casualty of war. Right now, big bank takes little bank and Russell is a few years away from that kind of cheddar. He still has the confidence that last season instilled in him and Golden State just might be a place where he can fit in and get some buckets despite what critics of his game say.

And who knows, maybe he’ll meet those “new” Brooklyn Nets in the playoffs one day and make them regret ever letting him go.  

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