Ginger Howard Becomes Youngest Black Female Pro Golfer

The LPGA Tour has been devoid of black talent for much of its history. Aside from Athea Gibson there haven't been many full-time black members of the LPGA and it's been 12 years since LaRee Pearl Sugg most recently played full-time. That dynamic may be changing according to Naturally Moi.

Even before you notice the smooth, powerful swing that has helped propel her to the brink of stardom at only 17, you see something else that defines Ginger Howard and her precocious golf game…the smile. It lights up her face, as she talks about her life and dreams.

Ginger has become a member of the LPGA at the right age of 17, the youngest ever. There’s a good chance you haven’t heard much if anything about Howard yet, but all that could change very soon. If things go the way they’ve been heading, we may soon become well-acquainted with the million-dollar smile and formidable style that has been lighting up the ranks.

On the course, Howard finished second in putting average last season on the developmental Symetra Tour and finished second in an event last season. Ginger isn't the sole golf talent in her family, either. Her 16-year-old sister, Robbi, is also one of the top-ranked junior players in the world.

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