Georgia Brings Guns and Booze Closer Together

The partisan divide in Congress is well-documented and contributes greatly to their 15 percent approval rating. They simply can't get anything done due to deep ideological beliefs that refuse to allow them to consider compromising. So, they do nothing.

But that hasn't stopped states from passing bills. New York recently enacted the toughest gun laws in the country. On the contrary, Mississippi just passed the "anti-Bloomberg" bill, making it illegal to regulate portion sizes. What would you expect from a state with the highest obesity rating in the nation. 

Not to be out-ironic'd, the Georgia House passed two bills. on the same day. One allows stores adjacent to schools to sell alcohol. The other permits students to carry concealed weapons on campus. Even better, it will now be legal to conceal-carry in a bar and churches.

This is a perfect solution because you're much more likely to get into an argument or a fight after a few drinks, which is exactly when you would need a gun to protect yourself. Really, you can't have one without the other. 

(h/t: AJC)

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