George Zimmerman Says He’d Feed Jay-Z to Alligators Over Trayvon Doc

George Zimmerman is still yapping his trigger-happy gums despite getting the white privilege pass when he was acquitted after maliciously hunting down and killing young Trayvon Martin for being Black and wearing a hoodie in 2012 in Sanford, Florida. 

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TrayvonMartin was killed 5 years ago today. His legacy lives on. Rest In Power.

Zimmerman has no chill button and hasnt stopped with his threats of violence and his erratic behavior. He has recently pointed his venom in Jay-Zs direction about the Trayvon Martin documentary that is currently in production.

According to The Blast, Zimmerman seems especially upset over money he claims has been paid to his ex-wife over her alleged participation in the documentary.” He also says producers have harassed his family for interviews and refused to pay his parents or family members, but would not elaborate on their participation or willingness to go on camera for money. 

Zimmerman, however, says he is holding Jay-Z and executive producer Michael Gasparro responsible, and anyone who f***s with my parents will be fed to an alligator.”

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George Zimmerman threatens to feed JAY-Z to alligators over an upcoming Trayvon Martin docuseries:

Earlier this year, Jay-Z announced that he and the Weinstein Company are working together to to produce a six-part documentary about Martins life titled, Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story, based on attorney Lisa Blooms book Suspicion Nation. In light of Weinstein’s legal troubles, hes no longer a part of the situation and executive production has been taken over by Michael Gasparro.

Zimmerman is blaming his troubles on the Black Man again as Zimmerman made his threats about beating up Beyonces boo and feeding him to the gators. Zimmerman took it a step further and exposed his unstable and blatantly racist side when he also made a threat alluding to the killing of Martin.

I know how to handle people who f-k with me, I have since February 2012, Zimmerman said, referencing the date he killed Martin. 

This guy is nuts and eventually he will have to pay the piper for his sins. 

I guess hes more so pissed that the entire Trayvon Martin tragedy will be fresh on the minds of Americans once again when this documentary drops, but Zimmerman isnt shying away from the action. 

He’s making direct threats and reminding everyone of how he slaughtered young Trayvon in cold blood and used the wizardry and cunning of legendary Florida lawyer Don West to exploit the underlying racism in America and the criminal justice system in his favor. 

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