George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Opens Trayvon Martin Trial With A Terrible Knock-Knock Joke

George Zimmerman's defense team has utilized some questionable tactics as they attempt to keep Zimmerman out of prison for killing Trayvon Martin. They have already attempted to discredit a dead teenager's image by releasing photos and using racially inflammatory language in which to do so. They also decided to drop the Stand Your Ground law defense, which seemed like the best chance Zimmerman had of getting off due to the extremely dubious nature of the law. It was getting to the point at which there were a lot of side-eyes, eye rolls and several, "Are you kidding me?" responses. But they were only getting started. 

During the opening statements, Zimmerman's lawyer, Don West, goes down a risky path with an attempt at a "knock-knock" joke. Before he says it, he asks the jury not to hold it against his client, so he clearly knew he was taking a major risk. It failed miserably. The joke was terrible and the jury couldn't muster any response at all, probably because they were picking their jaws up from the floor in dismay at such an idiotic and completely inappropriate joke, all things considered. Oh, and it gets worse every time you hear it. 

The reaction from West and the prosecutors takes it to an even more ridiculous level. While West is audibly trying to explain his joke and why it was funny, the prosecutors are shaking their heads trying to hold in a smile like they know they're ready to cook and West just preheated the oven. 

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