Game of Thrones Season 4 Ends in Epic Fashion

Yes, there will be spoilers in this recap. Because Game of Thrones' ending to its 4th season was exceedingly epic. A buffet of dramatic emotion that left us with fulfilling feelings of approval, more than GOT finales of the past.

If there was any debate on how dope this intense episode was, then the ending scene sealed the deal. A vision of Tywin Lannister, dead on the toilet, lying sideways with arrows poking from the body. His youngest child, the embattled Tyrion Lannister, stood staring. Freed by his brother Jaime, Tyrion’s trigger-finger was fresh from shooting daddy with Joffrey’s old cross bow.

Tywin shouldn’t have brought her name up. The whore, Shae, who Tyrion found lying in his father’s bed minutes before killing her. It became the ending to a dramatic day for the Lannister clan, who hours earlier had an impromptu therapy session where their incestuous, fake, fest of gross issues were finally screamed into the air and spit on the table.

While the former Lannister pet, The Hound, felt flesh tare during a dog fight battle with “Brienne of Tarth” over whose sword would swing most effectively to claim Arya Stark. The beatdown, full of crushing punches and rock smashing heads, was a hand-to-hand combat moment that was one of the most deliciously raw we’ve seen all season.

Other highlights included the young Stark boy, Bran, crawling through killer zombies before finally reaching “The Children” and a magic man that might make him fly.

And in further scenes that illustrated the appropriate title of this episode, “The Children,” Daenerys Targaryen played the role of a mother not ready to let her children fly. Sealing them deep in a dark, stone cave, she locked her baby dragons down upon finding out their oldest sibling has killed a toddler child.

While the bastard of Eddard Stark, that lucky boy Jon Snow, survived yet another battle thanks to his father’s ally, Stannis Baratheon, saving the Wall and The Night’s Watch.

As sinister as ever, with nearly each storyline requiring someone die, the season four finale of Game of Thrones gave us exactly what we wanted. An enjoyable Sunday feast for passionate fans full of shocks, awes, ooh and ahhs, that will keep us plenty full till the premiere of season 5.

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