Fugazi Black Lives Matter FB Page Was Apparently Run By An Australian

Facebook has suspended a fake Black Lives Matter page that was active for at least a year, according to CNN.

CNN reports that the page had almost 700K followers on Facebook, and had more than double the size of the official verified ‘Black Lives Matter’ Facebook page.

Patrisse Cullors, who is a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, told CNN she reached out to Facebook about this months ago, but like other issues dealing with disinformation and privacy matters, they did nothing about it until they were called out on it. 

The page was said to have linked back to websites run by an Australian man named Ian Mackay on a number of occasions. The fugazi Black Lives Matter reportedly raised at least $100,000 that was supposed to be for important BLM causes, but some of the money ended up in an Australian bank account.

People trying to profit off the backs of black people killed by police sure is deranged. 

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