Former NFL Running Back Clinton Portis Files For Bankruptcy

Despite earning over $40 million dollars over nine NFL seasons, former Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis has filed for bankruptcy after listing only $150 in his checking account.

According to a federal bankruptcy filing this week Portis reportedly owes over five million to creditors, including $500K to his mother. The former running back also listed debts for the IRS, Entertainment Tonight reported Nichelle Turner, MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, domestic support (four different women) and car loans. 

Unfortunately Portis provides yet another cautionary tale for young athletes. Bad business investments, multiple baby mothers and extravagant living seem to be the common denominator with athletes who throw away millions after their playing career is over.

Should the League be taking more aggressive steps to help prevent these types of situations or is it entirely up to the athlete himself? What do you think?

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